Administration / Allotment Section

    Allotment of alternative sites in Arkavathi and Kempegowda Layout on 04.08.2021 Under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble Chairman, Bangalore Development Authority


    Section Allotment Letter Issued List
    1 Arkavathi to Arkavathi(6*9) Click Here
    2 Arkavathi to Arkavathi(9*12) Click Here
    3 Arkavathi to Arkavathi(12*18) Click Here
    4 Arkavathi to NPKL(9*12) Click Here

    Arkavathi layout Maps

    Arkavathi layout Seniority List


    Section Allotment Letter Issued List LCSA List Court Case List
    1 DEPUTY SECRETARY-1 Click Here   Click Here
    2 DEPUTY SECRETARY-2 Click Here Click Here North Division
    West Division
    South Division
    3 DEPUTY SECRETARY-3 Click Here Click Here Click Here
    4 DEPUTY SECRETARY-4   EWS Click Here GEN Click Here  



    1 Kempegowda Layout's Yearly Progress
    2 Kempegowda Layout's Property ID's 
    3 BDA's Flats Notification